Warcraft (2016) – Personal Movie Review


Looking to escape from his dying world, the orc shaman Gul’dan utilizes dark magic to open a portal to the human realm of Azeroth. Supported by the fierce fighter Blackhand, Gul’dan organizes the orc clans into a conquering army called the Horde. Uniting to protect Azeroth from these hulking invaders are King Llane, the mighty warrior Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel) and the powerful wizard Medivh. As the two races collide, leaders from each side start to question if war is the only answer. (c)

Having seen the first trailer for this movie months back, my anticipation is very high and have been expecting a good adaptation from its computer game. I was really excited with this movie considering they dubbed this as The One which might save the computer-game-turned-movie genre and boy! I was disappointed to the highest level.

The flick is a missed opportunity to be a great movie franchise. Firstly,  the heavily-laden CGI isn’t realistic enough to entice me to be in awe. I felt like watching an RPG/video game intro and some frames are taken straight from the video game itself like battle scenes. They could have exerted more efforts of erasing the feel that they are taking scenes inside a big studio and  made more practical effects in terms of the characters like the orcs & dwarfs.

The story & characters aren’t developed well  and the pacing isn’t consistent which made some scenes boring & disengaging. The humor is far too disconnected to the story line and the delivery of it is too trying hard.

I will make this review short and give this movie 1.5 out of 5 stars for being a mess of a movie. They could have polished the visual effects & made it with a darker tone as the story line and mythology are really rich. The potential for this film to follow the LOTR direction is there, they just wasted that moment.


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