Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – Personal Movie Review


Three years ago, I was dreaming of this day to come for me to feast my eyes with. The anticipation and expectations were very high since then and imagine how can the film makers and producers pull off high profile characters in one movie. Yes! higher than Marvel’s Avengers characters… let’s admit, Batman, Superman and Wonder Women are still the most iconic comic book characters of all time.

And then, the agony of waiting came to an end. I was able to see the movie immediately when it hit theatres and still having no qualms about the mixed reviews the movie had because I had hopes for this flick to really be awesome. I want this go down as one of the best comic book/superhero movie ever because, duh! It is Batman and Superman.

Enough said right? But NO! Because there are movies that instantly capture your attention and you can immediately tell you will enjoy the ride until the end. Batman v Superman didn’t have that aura. Let me explain, as much as I can, my thoughts on each factors.


The movie struggled to keep a balanced pacing. I understand this is a base story and movie for Warner Bros. & DC Comics Cinematic Universe (an obvious answer to MCU) and the are developing the arc ready for their upcoming Justice League live action adaptation but the first half of the movie is a bit dragging and slow. Then second half is were I get to enjoy the fast pace and adrenaline rush. They could havd gotten away with unnecessary scenes or at least made it better so that the pacing isn’t compromised.


Is it me or the first half of the movie is chaotic. I feel they don’t know how to provide a good flow of the story. I think it is too predictable and was told in a simple manner. There is no consistency with its continuity of scenes and sequences as they are just like jumping from one scene to another. The moment the opening scene is being rolled, I had a feeling they will provide the audiences with rehashed stories we already know. I understand they need to include those scenes to further supplement the character and story development but because we already have tons of movies about Batman and Superman, they can at least give us some fresh take. What I like is the action and fight sequences between the two lead characters and the penultimate climax of the movie but it still lacks more of those scenes. I mean, I was expecting a big battle between Batman and Superman but I get that they want it to me more relatable and human in terms of Batman’s skills & his limit as well as Superman’s control to use his full powers against the dark knight.


I love some references and easter eggs in the movie. One of it is Robin’s costume and how they use it to continue motivating Bruce to get rid of criminals in Gotham. I was salivating about the introduction and its cameo of fellow Justice League members like The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg. Then you get to see some scenes directly coming from comic book itself (saw that pearl necklace scene) and of course, Dark Seid’s logo.


I don’t know with you but I still think Henry Cavill is really good as Superman. His performance is still good and he pulled it off. For me, Henry Cavill is to Superman what Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron Man. Gal Gadot’s take as Wonder Woman is also spot on too. She was mysterious yet bas ass. Her fight scenes with Doomsday is one of the best scenes in the movie. Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor for me is a good choice but not perfect for the role. His portrayal as a psychotic genius isn’t enough for me to be convinced that he is the villain the movie deserved. And lastly, Ben Affleck as Batman. For me he is a definitive Batman though I love Bale’s take on that Nolan’s trilogy. His portrayal as someone who has been hurt so many times in the past is really effective. I felt his sorrow and his urge to seek revenge or justice from all the traumas and hurt he had. I love the choice of having an older Batman for him to take as you get to see the more human side of his character.


Cinematography played a great part on building a darker, grittier tone for the flick but I felt that it became dry during the first half and is too dark for a PG 13 rated movie. I even felt a ‘300’ and ‘Watch Men’ -ish vibes in this movie. They also managed to use CGI and visual effects neatly but there are scenes were VFX isn’t realistic at all but I can forgive them for it. Although, they could’ve made Doomsday better… no justice for that. The scoring and soundtrack complimented the scenes especially when Wonder Woman appeared on screen. Man! That was one goosebumps moment.


All in all, I will rate the movie 2.7 out of 5 stars for being a let down simply because if you saw that one particular trailer, you can easily say that you have seen the entire film. It was boring at first but became entertaining and engaging for the rest of the movie. However, I like how Batman used a lot of combat skills, gadgets and vehicles (cool batmobile and batwing) as he should  supposed to be and do. The twist though is a bit of a cliffhanger. I still recommend you watching this  for three reasons. One, we get to see the Trinity of DC Comics in one movie. Second, this is part of our dream, as a comic book fan, to see a live action adaptation of this famous characters. Lastly, this will pave ways for stand alone JL character movies like Aquaman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman (I hope they will do justice with them) until the Justice League movie itself.

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