London Has Fallen (2016) – Personal Movie Review


London Has Fallen is a sequel to 2013 White House-under-siege movie, Olympus Has Fallen. Original lead casts of Aaron Eckhart, Gerard Butler, and Morgan Freeman reprise each roles.

Honestly, I have high hopes for this movie as the first movie did well & was a bit entertaining when compared to White House Down but it was a disappointing one. The plot was somehow very different from what was seen on the trailer and as always, the movie is full of clichés… typical of an action movie. The story line was a bit over the top to a point that it is no longer realistic. They could’ve made the plot simpler yet compelling and enticing to the audience. There are lots of situation and instances to play around and come up with a better script. There are times when the pacing was dragging & slow and at times fast especially during actions scenes which by the way is too much. It was also noticed that the CGI used for its VFX is not that polished and still feels fake. There are unnecessary scenes and could be helpful if they used those screen time for other frames which needs more character and story development.

I do understand the film makers want to inject some light moments but failed to hit the mark and felt Gerard Butler is trying hard delivering those lines. I thought this is his chance to redeem his reputation from that dismal of a movie called Gods of Egypt but it didn’t. The scoring though was nicely done and synched during action scenes which gave some thrill. The performances of the cast lack some energy to pull off their scenes effectively.

Lastly, I just hate the fact that since the first movie, this president is still annoying & useless and can’t defend his own life at times.

I will give this movie 1.5 out of 5 stars for having no entertainment value and consistency.


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One Response to London Has Fallen (2016) – Personal Movie Review

  1. Dan O. says:

    It’s an entertaining movie. But that’s about it. Nice review.


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