Deadpool (2016) – Personal Movie Review


The Merc with a Mouth conquered the box office when it hit theatres last week and rightfully so because Deadpool exceeded my expectationd and didn’t disappoint! It is impressive to see a movie where it stayed true to its source material. It is somewhat a true adaptation from the comic book to movie.

The flick hit the right notes in terms of action sequence, cinematography, scoring and casting but I will discuss these later. It is good that they made this movie without any restrictions (except for some minor cuts while it is shown on cinemas in UAE) as they really grasp the essence of the character. The movie is a no-holds bar in terms of violence, language and sexual content. It has the right amount and balance of craziness, humor, goriness and seriousness. The pacing is fast with a pinch of slowness to build the story line and give some character development.

I commend the director Tim Miller, who by the way is his directorial debut for a full length feature film, and his team for a good editing of scenes and how they intertwine the events that unfolded. The cinematography was spot on and it didn’t feel like a superhero/comic book movie. The scoring and choice of songs complimented each scenes and it really reminded me of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The casting was perfectly chosen, given that Ryan Reynolds was born for this character and credits to him for giving birth to this movie. I love how he does the fourth wall as I really fell connected with the movie itself. All cast complimented very well to the film as well. TJ Miller did very well. His comedic scenes with Ryan were flawless. Monica provided a good balance to the movie with regards to its romantic side of the plot. The villain Ajax, played by Ed Skein, also carried his job very well.

The choreography of the actions scenes were excellently executed and the use of CGI was neatly done, it was very realistic even though there are some minor FX editing mistakes along the way which can be disregarded. I love how they gave references and easter eggs from other movies from X Men Origins: Wolverine, Avengers (indirectly by showing the Helicarrier), Spider-Man, Batman, McAvoy or Stewart (if you know what I mean), and more. It is also good to note the long screen time of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, both also gave some spice to the film.

All in all, I can give the movie 4.8 out of 5 stars for its entertainment value, being true to the source, good story line/plot and this movie really raises the bar higher for upcoming R-rated comic book movie. This is a movie that you want to see again. Also, wait for some post credit scenes (with some movie references) as they will tease you with the sequel and introduction to a new character.

I will leave you with all trailers and clips of Deadpool via  KinoCheck International Youtube channel.


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