Big Smoke Burger – Personal Fast Food/Restaurant Review


It was a cheat / pig out day for us and we were pulled into this burger joint that we haven’t tried since it opened. This was a treat for us.


‘Big Smoke Burger’ joint is located at The Box Park in Al Wasl Road. The experience was gastronomical. The ambience inside the joint is warm & cozy plus the interior is technically modern & well lit. The staff is very accommodating and very friendly. Since it was our first time there, it was surprising when the Restaurant Manager gave us complimentary fries for being a newb. I also like it when their service is very fast and in order.


The fries named ‘Fries & Poutine’ is one of the best fries I had anywhere in UAE. It is combination of fries, gravy and mozzarella cheese and it is always best served hot.

The mouth watering burgers they have are all classic and best sellers. We had cheeseburger, double cheeseburger and big smoke burger. They are very generous in terms of the size though you can choose either 4 oz (which is only great for lighter meals) or 6 oz (good for big and heavy meals). What I also like is the patty which is perfectly grilled and the juiciness is still evident when you take a bite. They are also consistent with the amount of tomato, lettuce (which are fresh) and other condiments they put in their burgers with a big serving of their drinks.

The price is quite expensive but your experience and the taste are all worth your money.

I will rate ‘Big Smoke Burger’ 4.5 out of 5 stars. It should have been a perfect 5 if I haven’t tried other burger joints in town but I highly recommend to try and taste their juice burgers. I surely will come back soon.


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