The Revenant (2015/2016) – Personal Movie Review


‘The Revenant’ is inspired by a true story of a frontiersman named Hugh Glass on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s is on a quest for survival after being brutally mauled by a bear. (c) IMDb

2016 started good for me as an avid movie fan because of the quality this movie provided. The performance of the cast, the location and the camera shots are all praiseworthy. Alejandro Iñarritu and his team did an excellent job with this flick from the use of natural light while shooting, the breathtaking & awesome location & cinematography, the way he directed and edited the flick with smooth flow of story, choice of cast, and the musical scoring. The movie had a gritty, riveting and raw tone of direction with a realistic action scenes which make it more intense and brutal. The CGI and make up are all neatly done as well.

The perfect choice of cast headed by Leonardo diCaprio and Tom Hardy gave stellar performances which are worth of an award. Tom Hardy’s antagonist character made him unrecognizable and his portrayal as a cold trader complimented Leo’s passionate performance. This movie lets you see another side of Leo’s acting chops. His genuine portrayal made it more engaging to see. One scene that made me cringe with awesomeness for Leo was the bear scene where it was executed perfectly. His performance really deserves an Oscar and if not, I don’t know what movie will make him win the golden statue.

All in all, I will rate this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars for the quality of it even though the film runs for 2 hours and 36 minutes. The pacing sometimes gets a little slow but the story and the way the scenes are connected are done well.

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One Response to The Revenant (2015/2016) – Personal Movie Review

  1. Jack Simpson says:

    Interesting review, The Revenant is a film I’m really excited to see when it comes out where I am next week. Thanks for sharing!

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