Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) – Personal Movie Review


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The force is calling to you!!!

Finally! the day has come for the force to hit the cinemas worldwide. I was waiting for one month to see this movie since I bought my tickets from that first day of ticket pre-sale. My expectation was too high for this flick… and it did not fail me!

Firstly, the franchise is back in business. The premise of the story for Episode VII is so strong and rich plus the vibe felt similar to Episode IV with some parallel scenes. The good thing about the film is it stands alone from other Star Wars movies but it is best to see the original trilogy as there are some references from it that you might not understand if you haven’t seen Episodes IV, V, & VI. The opening scene was very well done including the opening crawl which gave me goosebumps because of that nostalgia effect. The pacing was perfectly balanced and I didn’t feel bored from start to finish since all scenes and frames were very important and interconnected. They did not leave no stones unturned for details. The flow of the story and editing were impressive and easily understandable. Cinematography was brilliant and this is a good thing since it made me feel like it was a real universe wih real characters and filmmakers made sure I/we were part of that magnificent journey in space. The visual and practical effects were outstanding and I will let some minor glitches with the effects get away with it (there are alien characters which are obviously created through CGI).

It is good to see some of the original cast back to this beloved universe and their portrayals are still very effective & natural. Good to see Han Solo, Chewie, Leiah, C-3PO, R2D2 and Luke Skywalker again (and the Millennium Falcon as well). The new cast was perfectly chosen and really fits their roles. Ridley’s performance as Rey is charming yet strong. Oscar and John fit their roles as Poe and Fin respectively. Their comedic chops were spot on. The three characters obviously have chemistry. Adam’s role as Kylo Ren is effectively portrayed as well. Andy and Lupita made a very great job with motion capture scenes. Both old and new characters gave realistic depiction of their characters and made me feel like I wasn’t watching an actor playing the role but a real character from distant planets. But the character who stole the movie because of its cuteness is BB8. The android is so cute, I want to have one now! JJ Abrams really did a great job helming this movie since almost everything is flawless including the scoring, sound editing and that very shocking twist. This is truly indeed a space opera!

I just have one concern about the 3D conversion as it wasn’t perfectly made. It wasn’t polished well enough that it gave a bit of headache but other than that, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is one of the brilliant movies of 2015.

I will rate the film 5 out of 5 stars based on the story/plot, character development, cinematography and this is one of the movies that I don’t mind watching over and over again. Also, I don’t want to compare this to Episode IV to make my rating as the flick is already awesome on its own and it will be unfair since the original movie is already a classic, epic and the saga starter.

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