Creed (2015) – Personal Movie Review

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‘Creed’ tells a story of the former World Heavyweight Champion Rocky Balboa who serves as a trainer and mentor to Adonis Johnson, the son of his late friend and former rival Apollo Creed. (c) IMDb

The film is considered as the 7th installment to the ‘Rocky’ franchise I don’t want to see it as that but rather a stand-alone spin-off film in order to highlight the story of Adonis Creed and Balboa as a supporting character. After watching this flick, I was reminded of the other boxing movie this year titled ‘Southpaw’ and has the same impressive entertainment value. It has all the elements it needed for a moviegoer to really appreciate and enjoy the film from its gritty tone of the drama, edge of your seat thrilling moment, and a pinch of humor.

Creed ran for 133 minutes and it didn’t feel too long for me as each scenes are very well written, executed and directed. I was really engaged watching this flick and attached to each characters’ moments especially the emotions they gave. The character, plot and story development was well made and detailed so each scenes, frames and characters are not easily forgettable while noting the plot was very simple but how they told his story made it more compelling, authentic, raw and classic. The pacing is commendable as it is progressing till its climax and I felt I was part of Creed’s journey to greatness. The cinematography and scoring helped with the foundation for a typical sports movie. The choreography was neatly done and it very reminiscent to the original Rocky movie.

Michael B. Jordan really outgrew himself in this film and I really saw him maturity, dedication and passion to give a brilliant performance. Sylvester Stallone’s performance here is solid. His natural delivery of his character, an aging legend Balboa, made him fascinating to see and worthy of at least a nomination to the Oscars.

‘Creed’ for me is one of the best movies of 2015 and it is worth giving a perfect 5 stars for its quality and inspirational movie.

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  1. Garry Maurice says:

    Nice review, thank you!


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