The Good Dinosaur (2015) – Personal Movie Review


The Good Dinosaur is the second movie released by Pixar this year after that successful run of the critically acclaimed movie, Inside Out.

The movie tells a story of an epic journey going home between an Apatosaurus dinosaur named Arlo and his unusual human friend this following many years after that near-missed encounter of that asteroid to Earth which didn’t make dinosaurs extinct.

With all the Pixar releases where I really felt the signature style of how they tell the story (except for Cars), it seems The Good Dinosaur felt short of being a Pixar movie and though I really had high hopes for this film, I still enjoyed watching this movie. There are still those familiar formulae of good premise, heavy emotional feels, colorful frames and of course that magical journey of adventure. I love the chemistry between Arlo and Spot and their character development especially their rapport were very evident & carefully conveyed to the audience. Both lead characters are very likeable and charming in their own way. The film editing was neatly done, backdrop animation was well made and intricately detailed. The scoring helped set the tone for their adventure. Those side characters also made some spices to the movie but I felt they could’ve used those characters more especially the three T-Rex since their involvement on the trailer alone speaks like they were one of the leads.

On the other hand, there are lots of cliches in this flick. I felt the plot is a rehash of movies like ‘Ice Age 1’ & ‘Land Before Time’ which is rare for Pixar as they always provide original stories to the moviegoers. I also felt this film is only aimed to younger demographic & not to the general public or adults to be exact but this flick never fails to imbibe plenty of lessons for the audience like a typical Pixar movie would provide.

All in all, I will give the movie, The Good Dinosaur, 4 out of 5 stars for being one quality film of 2015 but it is kind of weird though seeing dinosaurs being humanized & domesticated while having humans rendered as untamed beings and having some highly evolved water buffalo, critters & birds.


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