TV Series (Personal Reaction) – How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Winter Finale Episode


The winter finale episode was the culmination of all things that have happened since that shocking first episode of Season 2 and it didn’t disappoint as it also provided one of the most shocking and emotionally engaging episode of this series to date… it was mindbogglingly amazing! All questions were answered as well as secrets have all been revealed and I love how they stitched everything to this finale. There aren’t any scenes or frames that were wasted as each of them form part of the story. The directing of this episode was well done so as the scoring & cinematography which brought the grittiness and emotions to the plot.

The cast was very impressive portraying each characters and their chemistry & interaction were evident and just as realistic. Everyone was a revelation in terms of expressing their emotions from grief, paranoia, frustration, disappointment, dilemma, struggles, and panic. I love the emotional roller coaster portrayal of Viola Davis as Annalise, she has once again proved how talented and good of an actress she is.

With a cliffhanger episode about Annalise and Wes’ relationship as well as the ongoing case, we are left with the urge for the next episode to be shown immediately.


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