TV Series (Personal Reaction) – Into The Badlands Season Premiere


Into The Badlands – Pilot Episode

AMC premiered another solid original series which tells a story of a warrior and protector of one of the 7 feudal barons and a young mysterious lad who were destined to meet in order to gradually unlock the secrets of their past and seek enlightenment in the process.

Just noticed AMC loves to play around the post apocalyptic/war premises as their theme and survival as their main twist with the likes of The Walking Dead and now this. And even though we may seem to notice similarities of this new series with movies like The Maze Runners and Divergent, wherein those living in feudal lands don’t know what is beyond the borders, ‘Into The Badlands’ gave a breath of fresh air to the already crowded genre of modern politics, comic book adaptations, post apocalyptic drama as it brought back martial arts on the small screen. It is a nostalgic experience when I saw the first episode as it brought back memories of classic martial arts movies and shows 20 years back with the likes of Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and a lot more martial artists.

Daniel Wu, who stars and produces this series, presented an authentic portrayal of the character while the series provided an interesting plot and engaging enough story line to make me come back and watch the next episode. The martial arts choreography was well executed with the camera shots and the visual effect which are very impressive as well. The slow motion effect during fight scenes contributed into having a dramatic and theatrical look. It will be good if they can sustain such exciting and remarkable action scenes of sword fights and martial arts. The cinematography also gave the series a boost of having a believable and realistic location and scenario. I can understand there are parts where the pacing went slower and boredom slowly creeps in as they are slowly doing character and story development.

For now, I can say that the series is interesting enough to merit another shot at next week’s episode. I will rate the pilot episode as 3.5 out of 5 stars.

For those who haven’t seen the series or wanted to see the trailer first, here it is:


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