‘Finding Dory’ Trailer and Poster Released (2016)


Have you seen the poster and trailer for the upcoming Pixar movie ‘Finding Dory’ which will be released this coming Summer of 2016. This will be the sequel of ‘Finding Nemo’ which we last seen in theaters 12 years ago… yup! 12 effin years! Man, I feel old!

Basing on the trailer, I think the plot will be about the idea of Dory finding and reuniting with her family. It will be a strong presumption that Dory was searching for her family when she met Marlin during his quest to find Nemo.

I was excited to see that there will be another adventure for these favorite fishes and I can see another emotional roller coaster ride as there will be a strong story to tell about Dory’s life. The trailer also gave a nostalgic feel and sensation seeing these characters back on the big screen. But I hope Dory, as the lead now like Minions, can be capable of carrying a movie and will not disappoint. I have my full trust to Disney and Pixar.

Here is the first trailer:


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