Watch: New Movie Trailers – London Has Fallen, Anomalisa and God’s Not Dead 2

London Has Fallen – Trailer No. 2

images (5)Trailer no. 2 of the upcoming movie London Has Fallen now gave us a glimpse of what will be the premise of this flick. It is clearer now why London will fall and it is all because of the American president. I feel that the plot is too far-fetched that just because of one man, a great city will fall but I think there will be a bigger cause of this attack. Even though I think the trailer gave too much but I feel that they’ve used good action scenes, which is better that the first movie, to make this breathtaking trailer which can fuel interest to the moviegoers. I hope this will not be a disappointing film though. Also, the visual effects/CGI though is not that well polished yet but I think they will clean it up once this film will be released coming March 2016. This stars Gerald Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett, Radha Mitchell and more under Millennium Films.

Anomalisa – Official Trailer

Basing on the trailer, the movie has a persuasive, inspiring, simple but deep story to tell. It is a stop motion animation type of movie that celebrates the straightforward story of everyday life and the people that surround us. It is one of that rare movie gem and a masterpiece which shares you lessons of humanity and provides plenty of metaphors to explore the complexities of life. I can’t wait to see this flick and I hope this will have a shot during Oscar selection. This will be helmed by the Academy Award winning writer Charlie Kaufman.

God’s Not Dead 2 – First Trailer

maxresdefaultThe first trailer of the sequel to the 2014’s surprise movie, God’s Not Dead gave me goosebumps as they used a controversial and sensitive matter as their plot. This faith-based movie is powerful, encouraging and substantial to those who is believes in His presence and this will be a good Easter movie to Christian brethren all around the world. This film will be released on April 2016 and stars Melissa Joan Hart.


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