TV Series (Personal Reaction) – Supergirl Season 1 Pilot Episode

Supergirl Season 1, Episode 1

Supergirl has just taken her first flight to the small screen with her pilot episode. It started with a little back story of her and her relation to Kal El. Twelve years after she was taken by the Danvers when she arrived on Earth, she learned to accept her destiny and powers after some alien criminals try to disrupt Earth’s peace.

I have mixed emotions after watching the pilot episode as I didn’t feel the impact it should have as the first episode of the series and the plot isn’t that impressive. However, I like how fast pacing the story is and they got right into character development.

I feel a vibe of ‘The Flash’ as both lead’s personalities somehow are pleasant to watch with their infectious smile. It’s like the Glee alumni are somehow superheroes in their own right. But I still am not convince of Melissa Benoist as the lead character as her acting seem to be not strong enough especially during her moments with Calista Flockhart and her action scenes. Also, I was bothered with the weak, mediocre and unrealistic CGI during the first act but was improving as scenes went on.

Anyway, the series is a breath of fresh air from those usual gritty and too serious TV drama as it is catchy, engaging, youthful and vibrant and it is good that we already get to see a glimpse of what’s in store for the rest of the season.

Here’s what to expect for this season:


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