TV Series (Personal Reaction) – The Walking Dead S06E03 “Thank You”


The latest episode for The Walking Dead gave the die hard fans of the series a devastating reality that nothing is forever especially when a beloved and favorite character gets killed… or is he?

Episode 3 of this season was indeed really shocking and unexpected for some but for those who have read the comics, or any synopsis of it, we all know that Glenn’s fate is far too overdue as he was expected to get killed during Season 3 or 4 and even though I was waiting for this to happen, I was still affected and moved by what happened given the fact that he is one of the dependable characters who can fight the walkers and defend their team lest those who are detrimental to their survival. However, looking by the photo above and that particular scene, I have a strong feeling that he will not be killed off that instantly and that the walkers were eating Nicholas instead. Oh! I do hope this will be the direction for this season.

Other than that dreadful scene, we get to see at last those living in Alexandria realize the value of survival and protecting themselves from the walkers. However, what struck me the most was the portrayal of the characters to those scenes of desperation of getting back to their compound. You really felt the sea of emotions of anxiety, fear, sadness, hysteria, etc. and told the story realistically and with rawness. The cinematography helped set the grittiness and tone for those nerve wracking scenes.

I will be expecting more surprises and shocking twist on their future episodes.

Below is the promo for Episode 4 of The Walking Dead:


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