TV Series (Personal Reaction) – The Walking Dead S06E02 “JSS”

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 2 “JSS – Just Survive Somehow”

walkingdead-602-recap-featThe episode started with a flashback of Enid when she entered the Alexandria compound with a JSS sign on her hand. Though I thought the acronym didn’t connect to the entire plot of this episode, I realized that was somehow an analogy of what they’re trying to do… JUST SURVIVE SOMEHOW when things gets bloody during an attack in Alexandria by a group of bandits.

Episode 2 of Season 6 was by far the best episode (since the battle with The Governor) of the series which very brutal, gory and riveting and isn’t anything related to ‘walker’ survival but against one another and what better timing it is that their more seasoned fighters were not there to help protect the citizens of Alexandria from invaders. Also, we get to finally understood who blew the horn and destroyed the ‘almost’ flawless plan of Rick to steer thousands of walkers away. Since the citizens of Alexandria aren’t suited for any fight or encounter, good thing Carl, Carol and Morgan stepped up and led the team in defending their territory. It is nice to see that Carl and Carol are now getting more reliable and responsible when it comes to confrontation either the ‘walkers’ or against their kind. I even like the contrast between Morgan’s way of dealing with the situation and Carol’s practicality for survival which was perfectly executed by the ending scene.

JSS episode was brilliantly done in which the story was told and portrayed neatly for the audience to better understand each scenes. The plot was simple but how they carried out the cast acting performances and the action sequences made the episode such a standard… a bar high enough for the next episodes to reach and I do hope the future episodes will be as engaging as this one and having the same pace and grittiness to keep us fans hooked.

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