Pan (2015) – Personal Movie Review

panWe all know about the legend that is Peter Pan but this film adaptation tells the story of how it all started.

The movie, which stars Levi Miller as Peter, Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard, Garrett Hedlund as Captain Hook and Rooney Mara as Tiger Lily, is a story of an orphaned boy who was taken away by pirates to Neverland where he discovered his true identity and destiny as the hero and the boy who is prophesied to restore the balance between pirates and fairies.

I was having high expectations for this movie as I myself was a classic Peter Pan fan and very much interested to further know his origin but the movie disappointed me big time. This movie has clichés written all over about a prophesy… and you know the rest of the story. Though the plot is very compelling and engaging, the direction of the movie is distracting. The director could’ve utilized the premise to tell the story a bit more interesting as it bored me from start to finish. There are a lot of unnecessary scenes such as some scenes in the orphanage, etc. that could have reduced the screen time to a compressed but meaty and sensible scenes. I don’t like the thought that they incorporated some ‘song & dance’ moments as it further depreciated the already low cinematic value of the movie especially when they inappropriately use a 90’s song (cue: Nirvana’s Smell Like A Teen Spirit) during a war torn London (insert year). Anyway, the movie really is promising in terms of the colorful visuals and CGI-induced scenes but it also failed to meet my hope as it turned out too vibrant and didn’t edit it neatly since I can still see how animated those other CGI’s were which didn’t help at all in giving the audience the experience of going into another world of fantasy. It was flat.

I didn’t like how the characters were being portrayed. The acting seemed too trying hard to be too theatrical when in fact the movie isn’t a Broadway musical. However, I like how immersed and committed Hugh Jackman is in his character since all I see is Blackbeard. Levi is charming and charismatic as Peter Pan and he somehow gave justice to his character though there are scenes where he overacted. I didn’t like how they made this kind of Captain Hook as it really differs from the Captain Hook that I used to know and why do they white-wash Tiger Lily? She is supposed to be a Native American for Pete’s sake!

Anyway, I will give the movie 1.5 out of 5 stars as I feel there still a big room of improvement, the movie was rushed and not neatly done.

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