The Gift (2015) – Personal Movie Review

the giftThe Gift is a story of a successful sales executive named Simon who has everything he could wish for. A bright and future career ahead of him, a beautiful wife and a perfect home but it will all turn upside down when a past acquaintance brought strange and mysterious gifts which include Simon’s dark secrets after more than 2 decades.

The movie was a surprise hit of 2015 since it delivered well in giving thrill to the moviegoers. I love that Joel Edgerton (who starred, wrote, helmed and produced) created this film as the premise and plot is very much still relevant in our society since it spoke of bullying with its long term effect & implication to both parties as well as resolving past conflicts. As a bullied kid before during my grade and high school years, I have mixed emotions regarding the intent of this film. I sympathize with Gordo as there are still plenty of people in reality that still suffers from the effect of being bullied that it lingers within them in their lifetime as they become more and more afraid to face their fear. On the other hand, I admit there is something right about what Simon said that bullied people need to teach themselves to make peace with themselves, move forward and prove to those bullies that you aren’t what they think you are. Fortunately, I have outgrown the bullies and let them feel that I was better than them. Going back to the film, it was an eye-opener because, same as Simon, there are bullies nowadays who still haven’t learn a thing even though they are adults. Sometimes, it is good to tell all of them to be open minded about the negative result it will bring about being a bully.

I will give the movie 4 out of 5 stars for being a nicely done movie. Joel’s performance was enough to set the tone of the movie. Given that he wrote and directed this, he sure knows when and where to place his theatrics even more with the cinematography and the scoring which helped make the movie effective. It is good to see Jason Bateman in a heavy drama role which is a breath of fresh air from all his comedic performances and he gave justice to the character. Rebecca Hall was perfect as well as a restless wife and I can feel her anxiety about everything that has happened. But what I like more about The Gift is the fact that it is an open-ended movie and I like how they stimulate your creative thinking on how you would like the movie to end.

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5 Responses to The Gift (2015) – Personal Movie Review

  1. jessicanicole1114 says:

    I’ve been wanting to see this movie! I really hope it’s good! The commercials leave you wondering!


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