TV Series Personal Review – American Horror Story S05E01, Arrow S04E01

American Horror Story Season 5 Pilot Episode “Checking In”

ahhhssshotelThe fifth season of the horror anthology opened impressively. It did not hold back in terms of the story, cast, and production. The pilot episode is as stylish and grandiose as Hotel Cortez yet mysterious, haunting and creepy. This season has a lot of potential to be very successful as the plot and premise are strong and rich which the producers can really play for future episodes but for now, the first episode is grittier, riveting and raw. Though I haven’t seen any character introduction, I immediately found them very intriguing and it is evident that the cast immediately grew within their characters very well and we still have lots of room for character development during the course of this Season 5 journey. But what amuses me is the fact that Lady Gaga is born for this role or I think Ryan Murphy made this character who is intended only for her. She really delivered and was effective. Her performance was understated but it was enough to put her as one of the unforgettable characters of the anthology. Also, I have seen lots of references and nods to other horror movies such as the hexagonal carpet from their main lobby where it paid homage to The Shining and Gaga’s kids where it resembles the Children of the Corn.

Arrow Season 4 Pilot Episode “Green Arrow”

arrow-green-trioThe pilot episode started with lots of action-packed sequences that I felt unnecessary to welcome a new season. It doesn’t need a lot of that kind of stuff but rather provide a more subtle tone to introduce the plot of the story just like The Flash’ first episode of their new season. After watching this episode, I felt like the plot is cliche not from other TV series but the fact that I have seen this pattern from Arrow’s previous seasons where Oliver brought darkness to Star City and influence others to bring darkness as well then comes his “I-failed-the-city” frustrations and bounces back to save the day. It has become redundant and exhaustive including the cast. I need the producers to be creative in having another story arc to bring back the spark that was there during the first season. I am still hopeful for this show.


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