TV Series Personal Review – Homeland S05E01, Madam Secretary S02E01, Gotham S02E03

Homeland Season 5 Pilot Episode “Separation”

Homeland-season-5Season 5 of Homeland opened to a subtle yet thought-provoking episode which was needed to introduce the complex plot for the season. It is like an iceberg to a more riveting and grittier future episodes. The pilot episode was a low-key start which I didn’t expect as I was hoping a ‘big’ splash as what they usually do for their first episode but at least I start to feel the story development as early as now. Here we see a ‘free’ Carrie as she tried to have a normal, civilian life in Berlin, ditching her life as a CIA agent but she was forced to go back to her abandoned life after her boss requested to secure a safe access for his charity trip to the Hezbollah-controlled territory in Lebanon. On the other side of the fence, we got to see a Snowden-ish scene as they touched a rather relevant issue of CIA system breach through hacking and will eventually connect the characters to a more complicated turn of events in the future episodes. We get to see new faces which are still early to predict if they are for or against the protagonists. I do hope the season will be as gripping as Season 4.

Madam Secretary Season 2 Pilot Episode “The Show Must Go On”

Madam SecretaryThe pilot episode of Madam Secretary was quite a surprise to me. I know the Presidential line of succession comes very far down to Elizabeth but with an unusual turn of events, the Madam Secretary became Madam President for just hours to uphold the Presidential duties while they were busy containing a national security concern of having no contact or sign whatsoever to the Air Force One while still on mid-air with the President and other high ranking officials on board. I have a feeling this season will revolve around an assassination attempt to the President or at least cause a serious and grave threat to their government. What I really like about this series is the depiction of relevant and current political problems but do not necessarily invoke a serious and nerve-wrenching drama to resolve such issues. Instead they infused lightness into each episodes while still having a straightforward and austere tone. The story line for this series especially Season 2 maybe predictable but the way they tell the story and accommodate twists gave us a compelling, engaging and interesting show and one that will merit a following for future episodes. And!!! what more could you ask for than a cameo of the series EP himself, Mr. Morgan Freeman.

Gotham Season 2, Episode 3 “The Last Laugh”

gotham-last-laugh-magicianThe third episode of the Season is the weakest yet as the first 2 episodes were grim and shocking but I was happy that they continued with giving the spotlight to Jerome as I felt that he was the showstopper during the 2nd episode with his maniacal and disturbed attitude and characteristics. It came as a surprise to me that this episode will be the last time I see his theatrics, his demeanor, his out-of-this-world and contagious laughter and his embodiment of The Joker (which will influence those like him) all for Galavan’s plan. It is good to see that this episode is starting to have some light to those shady characters and start to understand their intentions but they could have done an entirely different plot to deliver this episode out other than having a gala dinner since Gotham was still coping from the Police Station massacre incident. Well anyway, what’s important is that they must be consistent with their story and character development and not holding back to making more gritty and dark episodes for us audience to cling for more.


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