Heneral Luna (2015) – Personal Movie Review

Heneral-LunaHeneral Luna (or General Luna) is based on the historical facts of a great Philippine general during the Philippine-American war in 1898 right after the Spaniards ended their 333-year control.

The movie is the country’s official entry to the much awaited Academy Awards for the Foreign Film category. Everything in this movie shouts perfection. The cinematography was perfectly done including the details of the costume down to the props. It’s a bar none in terms of screenplay. It was gritty, raw and bloody with no pretension to hold back in the visual effects. The casting was spot-on as they really immersed themselves into their characters and complimented each other. This is one star-studded cast and even those with cameo roles are established actors in the industry. Their acting performances were compelling enough to draw yourself to the movie. The way the cast delivered their lines were flawless and poetic that you really feel their emotions even those subtle moments. Even the narrative scenes are well executed. John Arcilla as General Luna really gave a stellar performance worthy of all acting awards.

It is good to see this kind of film made in recent years and young & old can benefit from this kind of genre as it can refresh our memory about Philippine history inculcating lessons to them and slowly ignite our nationalism. The movie is relevant and gradually awakens us about the reality that even these time, we are still struggling to free ourselves from tyranny, imperialism, societal oppression, crab mentality and personal interest among our political leaders. This is what I want to see during the Metro Manila Film Festival rather than seeing those trashy films just to rake in money.

I will rate this movie 4.8 out of 5 stars for being an epic movie and I applaud the producers and director of this film who bravely coming up with this quintessential film. One of the best Philippine movies of 2015.


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