Ashby (2015) – Personal Movie Review


Ashby is a story about a seventeen-year-old kid who befriends a dying and ill ex-CIA killer because of a school assignment to interview an old person. This unusual connection leads to a bond between them that includes trust and life lessons.

The movie for me was decent enough as it teaches about reality in life, morality and self consciousness. It maybe a comedy drama but I felt they were trying too hard to make it funny, which fell short. They could have focused on the dramatic side as the flick really delivered. I love the association between the two as time passed by since Ed was trying to find a father figure from Ashby while searching his identity & image and worth noting about Ashby somehow being influenced by Ed when he saw an opportunity to change. It is also good that it tackled lessons about believing in self, treating and seeing the value in others, and fitting in the circle without sacrificing own virtues.

The pacing of the film though is quite slow and it almost dragged me to boredom but it has moments when it picked up and became interesting & engaging. Nat Wolff really blends well with this kind of character as a dorky teenager, Mickey Rourke provided the grittiness & soul to the story (though his hairdo is kind of annoying to watch) and Emma Roberts brought lightness to the film. Their chemistry is also evident as well.

I will give the film 2.3 out of 5 stars.

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