The Visit (2015) – Personal Movie Review

the visit

The Visit is a horror movie that tells a story of Becka and Ed who spends a week at their grandparents’ house for the first time and while they seem to think everything goes along very well, strange things happen to the old folks especially during their bedtime.

The approach they did to this movie was through a ‘found footage’ style of shooting the video. While some movies with this kind of style is overrated, sometimes it does clicks and effective when done right and directed neatly and I am glad M. Night Shyamalan did a good job at directing as he returned to his basics, which to me is his strength. It felt though like the siblings recorded the videos but somehow a bit unrealistic as the angles and shots were perfectly placed like a professional video operator and not shaky at all… if it were ordinary people recording a video, it will be shaky and wobbly.

The cast were great and their performance is really solid especially Peter McRobbie and Deanna Dunagan who both played the grandparents. Their effed up character and performance were just so compelling that it gave me the creep. Every time they are on the screen, it made me feel unsafe just being there. The siblings, played by Olivia DeJonge and Ed Oxenbould, are both somehow good as far as the acting is concerned but for me, they could have exerted more emotions.

The location helped the movie to be eerier than the normal as it seems a perfect fit for this kind of a movie but I always see a cliched moment of a ‘no phone signal’ area. Why not?! but wait, just correct me if I am wrong as I am not an IT techie but does internet need phone line in order to have it? Please write your clarification on the comment section. Also, the cinematography was good and M. Night really utilized all means to terrify you. The soundtrack really added more depth into the movie and that music on 50:54 reminded me of a soundtrack from Mars Attacks… if you saw this movie, you know what I mean. The last 25 minutes of the flick, which was the climax, was done precisely as it should be since you don’t need to have a big fight scene because of the fact that they’re facing old folks though they seem stronger.

I will rate the movie 3 out of 5 as it didn’t really scared me at all, sure there were frightening moments but it was overshadowed by some slow pacing scenes.  However, it is also good to credit the fact that for a budget similar to Paranormal Activity of $5M, it is surprising to know that they can pull off a rather good and decent movie. I am glad that M. Night Shyamalan is slowly back in his game and hope he digs out more gold in the movies he will make.

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