TV Series Personal Review – Premiere Episodes (Scandal S05, How To Get Away With Murder S02, Heroes Reborn S01)

It was a #TGIT kind of Thursday when 3 TV series returned to the small screen with 1 new series premiered. Shondaland and ABC premiered new season of Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. Heroes Reborn debuted as well.

Scandal Season 5 Pilot Episode

scandalThe fifth season of Scandal premiered with a bang… well sort of! Coming from a strong Season 4, the pilot episode was somehow good but the side story of Caledonia controversy wasn’t really that interesting and didn’t do well for me to say the least but the ending was solid in terms of the core story development which really is the focus of the series. The other good thing though is that their acting performances are not a question as they are already talented and skilled in that side of the field. I sensed that the core of the story for the entire season revolves around Olivia and Fitz affair and Liv’s relationship with her gladiators now that each have their differences and issues. If they can keep the momentum with each episodes and the twists interesting, they can have a good solid Season 5 and it would be better if they can do something about Papa Pope as his story is getting irritating, tiring and never-ending, I mean we can have a sniper kill him or something. I will have hope for this season.

How To Get Away With Murder Season 2 Pilot Episode


Now this is a pilot episode that is shocking and premiered with a bang! The season 2 pilot episode is reminiscent to Season 1 episode where everything was mind boggling, engaging to the audience and thought provoking. The twists and turns are not what I was expecting and the ending is just a cliffhanger that gets you more excited for the next episode. I am sure that this season will be very compelling, intriguing and gripping.

Heroes Reborn Series Premiere Episode

Heroes RebornIt is good that they are continuing this saga (or a reboot, I am not sure) as it was a good series to pursue but when the once beloved original Heroes series ended with a dismal reception from their audience and target market, I felt it was a wasted opportunity as this series have so much potential since the cast were exceptionally talented and were became popular because of the TV show. I was surprised as to how good the first episode was. It opened with a very familiar face of Noah (Claire’s father) who joined an event in Odessa to show support to EVO’s which made a tragic turn. A terrorist attack left the city scarred and since then those people with extraordinary abilities were pursued and hunted down. I think this will be where the story progresses and revolves and I like that they immediately jumped into the core of the story even though there isn’t any character development because I know they will do this in future episodes. I hope they can sustain with these kinds of plot and carefully use CGI so as not to make the series crappy and it good to see few familiar faces again from the original series.

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