Dubai Music Week 2015 – Jason Derulo, Ellie Goulding & 30 Seconds to Mars


Dubai Music Week had a very successful run from the 23rd to 25th September 2015 which was organized by Live Nation Middle East and held in Dubai World Trade Centre Arena for the whole of the event. It is a yearly event that celebrates music not only from the international stage but also showcasing the local talents here in UAE. It was great to see lots of activities outside the concert hall where they put up small chill out areas and entertained by live mini concerts and DJs. Since food trucks are IN these days, they had few truck with good food choices then they also had a beverages corner as well with choices from beers, wines to whiskey all in one area but the highlight of each night is the concert performances of today’s great artists like Jason Derulo, Ellie Goulding and 30 Seconds to Mars.

I had the privilege and opportunity to experience these awesome artists in one week thanks to the generosity of my boss who gave us some complimentary tickets to watch Ellie Goulding and 30 Seconds to Mars during Dubai Music Week 2015 though missed the Jason Derulo moments but who am I to complain?

Here are my highlights for Days 2 and 3 of the event.

Ellie Goulding – Day 2 (24th September 2015)

Started on time with a solid opening song Outside, a Calvin Harris produced song. It was a good choice of song to start the concert as it really pumped the audience up.

I was really impressed when she showed an all out, non-stop party experience and I mean literally, she performed non-stop until her last song but it was a bit of a letdown as while she knows how to rock the scene but she lacks interaction with the fans which should have been a case for any concert artists not just singing all throughout. She sang strings of her singles including her rendition of “Your Song” (popularized by Elton John) which transitioned the concert to her ballads then sums it up with her hit songs and crowd favorites from Powerful, Anything Could Happen, Lights, Burn and ultimately the song Love Me Like You Do which made smashed the venue with fans singing altogether and thus ended her 1 and 1/2 hours concert. Also, her live singing voice was rather seemingly the same as her recording voice but I think her unique voice was the reason for her to propel in the music industry and she is a talented artist which, mind you, knows how to play several of music instruments from guitar to drums.

I applaud the production team behind that successful Ellie Goulding concert from sound, lights, video of Eclipse to the production managers, stage managers, etc. The audio was well programmed, the lighting was designed well and suited the mood of the song plus the LED effects also helped set the tone for the entirety of the concert. It is good to finally see Ellie Goulding in the flesh.

Now we go the the behemoth of Day 3 who is 30 Seconds to Mars.

30 Seconds to Mars – Day 3 (25th September 2015)

The concert started with a front act from Juliana Down, a locally based band who was also good and their songs really kickstarted the tone of the night.

You know you are in good hands with a really proper concert performer when they don’t rely on LED visuals to set the ambiance of the venue but depends solely on talent and damn how Jared Leto and his band really rocked the venue all throughout the night.

Though it started a bit late (at 10PM to be precised) but it was really worth the wait as their opening scene and song were like injecting you with an energy drink which really gets you high (in a good way).

I have been to so many concerts but this concert really stood out. It was a high-octane concert which gave me goosebumps till the end and I became an instant fan of the band. They were at the top of their performance and Jared’s voice is smashing and his charisma to the audience really got us engaged and felt like we were sucked into their mad house. The lighting design even further helped in setting the mood of the concert.

The band especially Jared really know how to handle a concert and interact with the fans. Usually in concerts, those hit songs were sung at the end part but it was a different case last night as their bigger singles This is War and Kings & Queens were performed earlier than expected.

(Excuse me when I sang along the songs on the video)

But the highlight of the night was during their ballads when Jared changed location and perform just very near where we stood up. It was a surreal moment for all of us as he sang hits like The Kill, etc.


You can check all the photos I took from the concert in my Facebook Page:

And what was truly amazing was the fact that I was part of that Instagram video Jared Leto took on the spot and it was really a memorable experience.

I love you dubai xoxoxo

A post shared by JARED LETO (@jaredleto) on

They ended up the concert with one big song (I forgot the title of the song)

It was one helluvan epic performance from 30 Seconds to Mars, they blow us away and an awesome way to end the Event itself. I can’t wait for them to perform in UAE again.

Thank you Live Nation ME for bringing these great artists of today, I can now crush out these names on my bucket list!


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