TV Series Personal Review – Pilot Episodes (Gotham Season 2, Scream Queens Season Premiere)

gotham2 scream queens

Gotham Season 2 Pilot Episode

The pilot episode for Gotham Season 2 did great by kicking off where Season 1 ended, I mean literally where it ended… Bruce finding out a secret chamber inside his mansion. The pacing for the first episode was fast and gets you immediately hooked but my concern is that they provided too many stories and villains all in one episode that it somehow messes and confuses the continuity and flow of the story. They could’ve at least introduce new characters slowly during the next few episodes to give more depth and time for development. I mean all plots in this episode are important but it could have been better if, for example, that rivalry between Gordon and Loeb was given an entire episode, there might have been a great impact for Gordon’s reinstatement even though it came with a prize or the story of Theo and Tabitha Galavan might be better off with a separate episode to cover and develop their story.

Anyway, the first episode was good as there will still be more mysteries revolving around these new characters and focus on the existing ones for us to wait until the next few episodes and enough for me to get hooked and excited for more.

Here is Gotham Season 2 Official Trailer:

Scream Queens Season Premiere Pilot Episode

It was an interesting, solid and good start to a new series. The premise is engaging and rich in terms of stories to tell each episodes like teenage issues, society acceptance, peer pressure and coping with the depressing reality of fitting in while still intertwining with the main plot. I feel that this will have lots of cliched stories but I am fine with it as it is entertaining. Scream Queens is a combination of Glee (less the Showtunes), Gossip Girl, Revenge, American Horror Story with a touch of movies like Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer and those young adult horror flicks. The series boasts of great cast from Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Skyle Samuels, Nick Jonas, and some special participation of Arianna Grande. All have interesting & unique characters and the series has a good blend of suspense and humor. I think Ryan Murphy made one new gem again.

Here is the trailer for Scream Queens:


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