Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015) – Personal Movie Review


Finally, after the ending of the first Maze Runner movie sets up to its sequel, The Scorch Trials opens its door to further expand the story but the problem I have about the flick is it again a set up to its third movie. Yes, the movie’s culmination is just a preparation to the next movie but not the entirety of the film is bad.

I had mixed emotions when I watched it as I was hooked and emerged from the first quarter of the film as it was like the first movie where they are in another maze but in a form of a base and it was all action, mystery and thrill (all of these scenes can be found on the trailer) but once they were out to the real world, it got to a point wherein the director didn’t know where to go as it was all over and no proper direction at all. The CGI/visual effects were not neatly done especially what they did to the “World War Z” kind of zombies (which I think is a shit move… why do victims of a pandemic disease become zombies, they can at least evolve to something else though like I don’t know, why can’t the author think of any thing else than zombies). The whole movie is exhilarating, I mean most of the film are all running and running. It is so bad to watch or am I just bitter that I am not fit to do all these cardio scenes all throughout, haha!

The pacing is a roller coaster as there are times when it is slow/dragging and there are moments that it get me thrilled and interested. Albeit the pacing, there are also twists to the movie that surprisingly gave the movie more push (considering that I haven’t read the novel) but I think introducing more characters give the movie confusion and I think they and other scenes are not necessary at all. I also felt that the movie’s story and direction is similar to Divergent upon their discovery of what is in the real world and pointing to Thomas as The One who can save them all. I mean it is all good because it is obvious that he is the lead cast but it would be best to give more character development to other characters like Minho and Meyt.

I can give 2.9 out of 5 stars for Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials as I feel the movie is in between a trash movie and an exciting adventure. At least, they somehow explained why was Earth devastated.


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