Watch: Krampus – Official Trailer (2015)

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It is good to see more of this kind of genre mash up especially if the theme is about Christmas. You may seem to think that Christmas movies are all about happiness and joyous holiday feel but this movie gives you a good twist when a divided family is flabbergasted to find that it won’t be St. Nick who will come this Christmas but another entity with evil intentions and he is Krampus. To know Krampus better, this is a German folklore that punishes children during the Christmas season who had misbehaved

The movie, for me, is one promising movie with a solid premise and introducing this mythical creature will make the movie more interesting and we get to understand other country’s culture and myths. I bet this will not fare well in the box office because it is pretty obvious from the trailer alone that the scenes are conventional and a give away but I do hope they will give more twists and surprises.

This will hit the cinemas on December 4 and just in time to enjoy the calmness before the storm which is Star Wars.


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