Watch: Macbeth Official Trailer (2015)


Here is the official trailer for the cinematic adaptation of one of the most popular Shakespeare masterpieces, Macbeth. It stars Michael Fassbender and my favorite actress Marion Cotillard. It is directed by Justin Kurzel who will also direct another Fassbender starrer Assassin’s Creed.

From the trailer alone, you can see how epic this movie would be. It is safe to say that everything The Weistein Company does will become a masterpiece. Fassbender and Cotillard are brilliant as always and the cinematography is just so good to see, everything including the action scenes are well choreographed and detailed. I hope they will stay true with Shakespeare’s classic tragedy and not go into an overly made movie. It is good to see that Fassbender has a good 2015 and I think his performance will echo until Oscars bid. Well, not just him but Cotillard, the movie itself, and the entire cast and crew as well.


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