Watch: Etiquette For Mistresses Official Trailer (2015)


Star Cinema just released the official trailer for the new Chito Roño helmed movie Etiquette For Mistresses. This is based on the 90’s bestselling book by Julie Yap-Daza and it stars bankable ABS-CBN actresses namely Kris Aquino, Kim Chui, Claudine Baretto, Iza Calzado and the comedianne Cheena Crab.

I don’t really have any idea about the premise of this film but basing on the title alone, it senses and revolves around some rules on how to be a mistress but I don’t think the movie will be patronizing the act of being one. Even with the craze in Philippine cinema recently about this kind of genre, I also don’t think this is one whole cliched “mistress” movie. I know most of the scenes are cliches but I do feel there will be twists with moral lessons to ponder.

Here are my concerns though. From the trailer, it feels like the movie will not have a satisfying character development and flow of the story. Also, the acting didn’t do well for me since I still can’t feel the characters within the cast especially Kris’. The usual issue for me with Kim Chui is her voice during heavy drama scenes. But given the strings of box office hits by Star Cinema, I do hope this will go with a bang.

Photo credits to ABS-CBN and Star Cinema.


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