Vacation (2015) – Personal Movie Review


Summer movies are about to end and we will be treated with those Oscar-worthy movies starting September. But before going into that, I got to see this comedy film Vacation. It starred Ed Helm of The Hangover franchise, Christina Applegate with Chris Hemsworth. The story is about Ed Helms character Rusty who plans to have a family summer vacation in Walley World in a car for a change but the roadtrip turned into a misadventure which made his family closer. Correct me if I’m wrong but the movie is a reboot or a sequel to the original Chevy Chase’s 1983 movie National Lampoon’s Vacation. It is an R-rated comedy with strong visuals and language.

I thought it will be a decent comedy movie considering the original one was funnier but boy I was wrong. I felt like I made a mistake of watching this movie. I was bored from start to finish. I think the script plus the delivery of the lines didn’t work that well and I find Ed’s character so annoying even though I know and understand that he was just being positive with everything that has happened. I cringed everytime they deliver those punchlines, it really did not hit me! I have seen all those scenes already and are cliche after cliche from old comedy flicks. Even the car is a sell for me! But ok, I have to admit, there are some funny scenes and woke me up from boredom. I got to buy the scenes about the policemen from 4 different states and the tour guide. It was so cracking funny. Some of the soundtrack did not even suit most of the scenes they were played.

The only redeeming quality about this movie though were the lessons they imparted to the moviegoers. It taught us the importace of family from the effort of Rusty to find ways to reconnect with his wife and kids, make them happy, not to give up with his family from their misadventures, and his sacrifices to prioritize his family over career. It also taught us that it is not about the riches in the world that makes you happy but the love you receive from your family is much important. There was one scene with Chris Hemsworth (who by the way is good in this film) that hit me about teaching his nephews about the importance of their dad’s work which they failed realizing that he is also a hero in his own little way. And oooohhhh… got a surprise cameo of Darryl (TWD)!

To wrap up, I am still disappointed about this movie and i think Ed Helms can’t carry his own movie. I mean Chris Hemsworth and Chevy Chase are funnier with their scenes even though there screen times were  just merely 20 minutes or less each. It could have been a good movie if the jokes weren’t that lame, the comedic timing can also help the movie more interesting. So, I will give 1.5 out of 5 stars.

Let me know what you think about the movie.

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