The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) – Personal Movie Review

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There have been a lot of spy movies released this year and one of them is ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E.’

I will give the movie 2.8 out of 5 stars for various mixed reactions.

Somehow, I enjoyed watching this movie as the filmmaker let you feel that it is not a very serious type of a spy movie like Mission Impossible or 007. You can see Guy Ritchie’s signature style for a lite-action flick as it has the same approach to Sherlock Holmes. It was not gritty nor thrilling but it has a touch of humor into it. The movie was a bit campy with a weak plot that has the cliché of a typical (non-thrilling) spy movie.

I like how he injected an interesting twist, which we saw on the trailer itself, of having America and Russia (even though it is a bit awkward having British actor Henry Cavill acting as an American spy and an American actor Armie Hammer as a Russian spy) teaming up to stop a big time terrorist. In this scenario, you got to feel the conflict between the two leads and eventually being an almost perfect partners. The two actually have chemistry as a team and they really have an onscreen appeal as both actors delivered the right amount of acting and depth to their characters. I can see Henry to be the next James Bond and Hammer’s Russian accent didn’t annoy me at all. Hugh Grant was such a waste in this film, I mean, for a bigger star than the other characters, he was given a very small character role which any C-lister star can do.

The movie was a bit long mainly because of the character and plot development which some of it aren’t necessary at all and I was expecting a lot of action sequences considering this is a spy movie but it fell short & lacking and the editing for most of the action scenes were done with a ‘comics-style’ touch which weren’t impressive. I even felt that Spy (Melissa McCarthy/Jason Statham movie) had more decent action scenes than this even though it was a comedy-action film.

Well, considering this is a 70’s TV show (which I didn’t even know it existed nearly 40 years ago), the premise could have been broader and the story line could have been more interesting/richer and that could have saved the movie to be a potential blockbuster film. The cinematography didn’t really set the tone for that specific era except of some costumes and props but I can say they managed to give the right scoring for a spy flick. They also used some decent gadgets considering the era it was based. Although a little be unconventional which is a good thing, I didn’t enjoy having an abrupt end to that female antagonist, it did not feel like they really gave justice to the ending at all.

To end this, I can say it is a likable film but I will warn you of possible disappointment from your side.


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