Watch “HONOR THY FATHER Trailer | TIFF 2015” on YouTube

Here is the trailer to the much awaited John Lloyd Cruz indie movie which is an official selection to the Toronto International Film Festival 2015.

As I understood about the story based on the trailer, it is a usual story of a father who is involved in a dilemma which his wife caused and now he will be facing with the reality of doing everything to save his family especially now that his daughter will be the target by those whom they are indebted to.

We have seen similar plots in different movies but I love how Erik Matti takes a fresh outlook of the story and gives it a grittier approach to the entire movie. The camera works also help set its tone for the film to let you feel his struggle not only within his family, relationship witn his daughter but also in the society he is exposed in.

On the trailer alone, you can see how effective John Lloyd is as an actor. He really can carry any movie as well as turning an indie movie into a classy film. The director is getting more and more brilliant in making the movie relevant as well as interesting to the moviegoer especially after that critically acclaimed movie of his On The Job.

Hope this will go well in TIFF 2015.


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