Fantastic Four (Personal Movie Review)


I was kind of excited when I heard Fox is rebooting one of my favorite Marvel characters and will be based on Marvel’s Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book and since the comics has a bit different direction than that of the original, it’s good to start with an origin story but since watching the opening scene until the four leads met, I felt like they haven’t created a good character development along the way.

On top of it, the first few minutes of the film got me bored to the point of running out of the cinema but it already costs me much for this film. I understand that this isn’t a Marvel-produced movie, so the fusion of a little humor didn’t hit me and there are scenes which aren’t entirely necessary and could have do so much by injecting relevant plot and story to, at least, maximize the screen time. The pacing is slow and dragging as well, the editing is horrendous to the point that it was messy, I don’t know where the story and movie would go and it is distracting me. The cinematography also didn’t help the movie at all. The last 30 minutes of the movie has been butchered, I feel this is a different movie in the way they shoot the scene and didn’t give justice at all, and everything is all rushed. The CGI is not neatly done and feels like CG scenes came from a video game.

The cast are very talented individually and it really is a waste that I can’t seem to feel any chemistry between the four. Felt like the cast also got bored and just wanted to finish the shooting so they can move on with their lives. I hate the idea of Sue being an adopted daughter since this isn’t the story on the comics and can’t help but compare Michael B. Jordan’s Johnny Storm character with that of Chris Evans as the latter hits what the character needed. I hate what they did to Doctor Doom with his costume and his overall effect, it is just too lame and there is no saving grace anywhere for his character here.

The movie is a bit grittier compared to the previous Fantastic Four movie. This is like a breath of fresh air for a comic book movie (other than what DC did to their superhero movies which are darker) but they made it a bit odd and creepy. There are also scenes in the trailer that are missing from the film (see clips from Youtube below). It is just a shame about the overall outcome of the film. It could’ve been a great movie and the potential of a successful reboot is already in front of them but they have just wasted the opportunity and Fox didn’t give the attention the movie deserves as long as they won’t give the rights back to Marvel.

These being said, I will give it 1.5 out of 5 stars because they didn’t let Stan Lee have a cameo… haha! You obviously know the reasons and honestly, I even enjoyed the last 2 versions of Fantastic Four.

Photo credits to 20th Century Fox


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