Goodnight Mommy – Official Trailer

Here is the official trailer to an Austrian horror movie, Goodnight Mommy.

They say it is the scariest trailer you’ll ever see and it lives up to the expectations. The trailer is really riveting, eerie and something that really creeps you out of your mind. It also demands attention since you can get so much from the trailer alone and you can never deny how effective the kids’ performance. I love how raw and original this movie is and I love that it is not produced by any studio in Hollywood or we might see another B.S. movie… unless it is produced by an indie movie outfit.

You can see that although the plot is simple on the trailer, you can easily realize that this isn’t simple when you get to watch the whole movie as there will be complex twists and turns injected into it. Even the soundtrack and score is very effective and the way they rendered the lullaby song is just chilling.

Hope you will not have nightmares later when you sleep!


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2 Responses to Goodnight Mommy – Official Trailer

  1. The Happy Horror says:

    Can’t wait to see this. I heard it’s really intense and disturbing.


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