Paper Towns (Personal Movie Review)

images (4)It was my intention to only watch The Gift but for certain reasons, I was forced to watch Paper Towns (already saw other movies in the cinema) but I did not regret watching this film.

I haven’t read the book and they say the movie is entirely different, so I will treat this as a movie that isn’t based on a book. I was really surprised as to how good the movie was and I really loved it. It is a coming-of-age movie about a senior student named Quentin who believed that everyone has their own miracle and his was about his life-changer, Margo. They went for an adventure one night (revenge for Margo’s cheating boyfriend) and the next day, she vanishes without any trace. The instance wasn’t new to her parents but Quentin is determined to find her and good thing was, she hid some clues for him to search for her.

I really loved the chemistry of all the lead cast, you can really feel the realistic portrayal of the three guys being best friends. I like how they played their characters so well as ordinary kids who are very serious with their school lives and when they were up for an adventure to find Margo, it became a big road trip filled with so many firsts for the three and ultimately get to recognize that friendship really is the miracle for themselves. The movie got me thinking and immediately reminisced my teenage memories. It reminded you of the life you had before you started living in the real world. It further reminded of me of my teenage and college years where life is so much fun and simple, with all those adventures that can’t be brought back in recent years. When the time I reached my young adulthood with lots of responsibilities, I forgot how to live life, to be carefree, to have simple approach to complicated situations, to laugh at life or just to be myself when I am with my best buddies but the movie teached me to at least regain that some of the lost confidence and free-er self.

Cara’s performance is really good that you can really see the character, Margo, in her. She is a strong-willed lady who wants to live her life and just go with the flow. I like how she wants to get away from the pretensions of her neighborhood she grew up with though she herself help cultivate it. She wanted to brush off her being a paper girl from a paper town. The cinematography is impressive with their choice of location and the camera works and how they use it to really hit you with nostalgia, the editing is done well and the musical score and soundtrack really help set the tone of a teenage, coming of age and road trip movie. The infusion of comedy courtesy of Austin Adams’ character Ben really gives a better aura to the flick.

What I also love about the movie is the believable and realistic ending of a typical teenager and there are a lot of inspiring lines which you can learn and internalize… and oooh! watch out for a cameo of a familiar guy from Faults In Our Stars.

I will give it 4 out of 5 stars for hitting my nostalgia button and helped me realized that I lost my simple and care free young self when I started to face the realities of the world and also, this is one of the movies that I don’t mind watching over and over again.


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4 Responses to Paper Towns (Personal Movie Review)

  1. iBeckTech says:

    I just saw this movie yesterday and I will say that it is good, but I read the book first and it disappointed me. The ending is what really did it for me. It was nothing like The Fault in Our Stars from last year. However, the score is brilliant and just became available on iTunes last night, which I just purchased today! I also burned a copy of it to a blank-disc so that I can listen to it in my car. Great score, I will give it that. Movie…meh, not so much.


    • Yeah, I’ve read so many comments about it being so different from the book. It is really unfortunate though for those who read it. The good thing for me not having read the book is I enjoyed the film. How about you? If you haven’t read the book, will you enjoy the movie or not?


      • iBeckTech says:

        I’m honestly not quite sure, it’s a possibility. It’s just that if I didn’t read the book, watching the movie, I would have wanted them to become something. I do like the movie’s last bit about forgetting the “miracle” of living across the street from Margo. Recently, I had to do the same thing, but not a next-door neighbor, but with my best friend. I liked the book more than the movie though, still.


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