Woman In Gold (Personal Movie Review)

images (3)I found a little gem from the messy Hollywood releases this year and Woman In Gold is such a surprise. The movie revolves around a Jewish lady who wanted to reclaim the stolen art pieces the Nazis took during the 2nd World War in 1941. It starred Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds.

It is a small movie with such a solid plot. It is interesting to note that this is based on a true event and you can see a well crafted story with a very visually entertaining cinematography. The way they edit the scenes of the present story and flashbacks are really neat and understandable to me; it is not just a lame flashback of Helen’s past but it is riveting with a bit of suspense and thrill and this gave me the reason to be hooked to this film.

Helen’s performance here is a jewel. She can really pull off any kind of character especially in this movie where she portrayed an Austrian woman complete with accent. I really liked the part where she reminisced the memories of her family when she visited her old home. You can really feel her yearning and at the same time pride of what she accomplished. However, I feel Ryan’s acting is insufficient to convince me that he is a lawyer but not entirely bad though.

I can give the movie 4 out of 5 stars for its entertainment values.

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