Insidious: Chapter 3 (Personal Movie Review)

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This is my first time watching a horror movie all by myself and I survived. I haven’t got any high expectations when I planned on watching this especially when it is already the third installment but I think the movie is not good but likable.

Insidious: Chapter 3 stars Lin Shaye who is very effective on her role as Elise. Her acting here is so natural and you can see she is already comfortable with this genre even from her age. There are lots of scenes wherein it is reminiscent to the first chapter of this franchise having familiar scenes from the original movie.

This chapter is a good prequel and while there are effective scary moments but sometimes they gave away the thrilling factor that easy when the background is suddenly quiet. There is an ingenious scene in the movie where (I don’t know if this is coincidental or not) they give a nod to The Ring.

The cinematography is really good and effective as the overall tone really helped gives the creepiness and fear. What I like is how they effectively connected Elise and Quinn’s conflict with each other’s entity. It not only has Quinn’s struggle but also Elise’s effort to win her own battle.

However, the ending disappointed me in a big way and it sucks! They could’ve gone to a better ending than that but I know this will not be the end of the Insidious franchise. The pacing isn’t consistent. There are time when it is fast but mostly, it is slow. What separates them from other studios producing a horror film is that they know how to do a horror movie with their little budget but even though it has some thrilling factor, it is still not as effective to say that it is a horror movie, more of a thriller to be exact.

I will give it a 3 out of 5.

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