Ant-Man (Personal Movie Review)


Finally! After that excrutiating 2 weeks of waiting (movie just shown on UAE cinemas this week), I finally saw Ant-Man and my waiting paid off. The movie experience I had with this film is worth the money I paid for. This is one of Marvel movies that I don’t mind going back to the cinema watching it over and over again.. well depending on my budget.

This is one of that rare stand-alone movies of Marvel wherein it really stood out from performances of the cast, the well crafted story and plot, to the cinematography, costume and score. It also ranks among my top 3 Marvel movies which include Captain America: Winter Soldier and The Avengers being my Top 1 & 2 respectively.

Kudos to the director, Peyton Reed for giving a tasteful plot of the movie. I like when it did not go to a direction of another origin story to introduce the character to the world but rather a passing of the baton to the next costume wielding guy. The story is very well intertwined to fit all characters into this movie including the set up of the antagonist Yellow Jacket. You can feel that the movie is not your typical Marvel movie but can be considered a HEIST movie. Also, as a tradition of infusing comedy to Marvel movies, the comedic chops of Paul Rudd and Michael Peña are on the spot and effortless that it didn’t ruined any scene; Michael Douglas’ acting is great and underrated as Dr. Pym or the original Ant-Man and Evangeline’s character is really a kick ass chick but I kind of wanted her to get more action scenes but I am confident she will get one once she dons the modified version of the Wasp costume… Oops! SPOILER ALERT! I love every character especially the ants and got attached to them when they started teaming up with Scott… got emotional when Anthony was… SPOILER AGAIN! The costume, set, backdrop, props… everything was all well thought off and did not disappoint. The pacing is really fast and you can never be bored with any scene as ech scenes are as important as othed aspects of the flick. The fight scenes are really impressive and I am not sure but the camera tricks used for this movie are really creative and probably one of the best in the movie industry. The lines and dialogues being tossed by the characters are witty and empowering as well.

What I further liked about is how the movie is linked to the wider and wider Marvel Cinematic Universe and sets the tone for Avengers 2.5 or otherwise known as Captain America: Civil War. Well this movie capped off the Phase 2 of MCU and I would say to stay until the end credits for 2 credit scenes (mid and post credit scenes).

All in all, I will give the flick 4.5 out of 5 stars for being almost flawless… well I can’t think of a flaw about this movie. I had high hopes for this movie and it did exceeded my expectations and it really is an epic experience which made me fuel my anticipation for Phase 3 of MCU. Hope you enjoyed watching it as I did.

(Photo credits to Disney/Marvel Studios)


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