VisPop (Visayan Pop) is on a ROLL!!!

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I couldn’t help but noticed a fresh surge of popularity for our very own VisPop or Visayan Pop not only in the Visayas region but also in the upper regions of the Philippines.

I know the Visayan songs are still very much in the mainstream especially in Cebu wherein BisRock is felt in bars, lounges, etc. and I am very proud that it slowly going places again especially to areas which don’t speak Bisayan and get its popularity back to where it belongs. I mean Visayan songs had its hay day during the 70’s like Matud Nila, Lagkaw, Rosas Pandan, etc. because of its witty storytelling and catchy, heartfelt & emotional tune. Good thing the organizers are having the yearly VisPop competition and celebrates Cebuano talents.

Here are some of the popular Visayan songs nowadays.

(Credits to the owners of these videos)


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