Taste Kitchen (Personal Review)

I had the opportunity to have my lunch in “Taste Kitchen”. It is a classy and stylish cafe found in a courtyard space at the Ground Floor of Mercato Mall in Jumeirah.

The area has a very beautiful ambiance with its unique set up (wooden plates, jug drinks, etc.), wall back drop and friendly service staff. The menu is unconventional yet simple, the cuisine is well thought of with a choices of healthy, hearty and fun meals. They serve a variety of menu from breakfast, pasta, meat and more intercontinental food.

Two good thing about this restaurant is firstly, the complimentary bread with balsamic vinegar/olive oil dip and second, the out-of-their-menu meal. I ordered sirloin steak which is not part of their menu but they gladly serve it for me. It is a gastronomic experience as the steak tastes so good, the meat was perfectly cooked and very tender. Their onion rings are to die for as you can’t find any trace of onion taste. Their chips are very well seasoned and it is very well done, just a perfectly crunchy on the outside and it is not greasy at all. The sauce/dip (Green Pepper Corn dip) really matches the whole entree, it is a bit spicy though but it melts in your palate.

All in all, I can recommend this cafe/restaurant to my friends and colleagues. Though a bit pricey but it is worth your time and money. I will love to go back as well.

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