Pixels (Personal Review)


Hmmm.. What can I say about the movie Pixels?

Well, honestly I really don’t have nothing good to say. This is one movie that everything is really forgettable. I can’t remember any memorable scene and the plot is just made for kids. It did not meet any criteria for being a family movie, instead, as I’ve said just a movie for kids and not for kids-at-heart. It’s pacing is average, some stupid moments that will really make you cringe and a lot of scenes which I think irrelevant and unnecessary.

Good thing that I didn’t have any high expectations for this movie since the fact of Adam Sandler being the lead for this flick and we already know that most of his films are crap. I really think Adam Sandler should stay away with making comedy films that aren’t really funny nowadays and consider changing path like what Ben Stiller did by accepting a more serious yet (somehow) critically acclaimed films. His hay days of making this kind of genre is really over. The only saving grace for this movie is the entire film’s nostalgic and walking-down memory lane kind of a feel because of the use of classic video games (Galaga, Centipede, PacMan, Donkey Kong, Mario, Qbone, etc) as antagonist (you ruined my childhood memories) and the reminiscent 80’s music as soundtrack. There are minute moments of laughter  but most of their so-called funny jokes are really cheesy, common and cliched.

I will rate this movie 2.5 out of 5 stars (it should only be 2) because of Peter Dinklage’s crafty performance and Serena Williams/Martha Stewart cameos.


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