Max (Personal Review)


Just saw Max and since I am dog lover, I was hyped and had high hopes about this movie but it failed to live up to my expectation.

I was expecting this movie to be an inspirational, emotional rollercoaster feel of a dog whose master died during his service in Afghanistan. It was such a let down knowing the essence of it is more geared towards a PG-13-ish or a much darker family adventure movie or maybe I was just made to believe  the storyline, basing on the trailer, is more or less a Hachiko or Marley & Me kind of approach (as they were honoring and dedicating this flick to the dogs of war) and the struggle of both the dog and family who lost a bestfriend and a son respectively.

This movie could have been a great venue for stressing out the message of heroism (not just of the war dogs but also to the men who served their country for their government’s so-called search for peace), loyalty between the dog & his owners and being an inspiration to those families who have lost loved ones.

Another thing I dislike about this film is about the use of illegal cartel business/trade and the complications it bring just to introduce the obvious plot twist. I mean, they could’ve taken a more subtle direction to give the movie a bit of a heart and drama that it really deserves or they could have focused on the good relationship between the dog and his new owner and how they cope with the situation and ended  it with something that will tear your emotions up. On thst way, this could have been a huge film with a lesser known cast who can benefit the successful ride.

The brighter side though is the realistic and believable acting chops of the dog, Max. Kudos to the trainer who really exerted effort to provide us with an excellent dog acts.

I will rate it as 2.5 out of 5 stars.


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