My Top 10 Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Films of all Time

Here are my top 10 favorite sci-fi/fantasy films of all time.

10. The Abyss

From the big names I will mention below, this flick is an under-performed movie of the 80’s. Though not considered this as a blockbuster but has become an instant cult classic. I was really captivated while watching this movie as it was so beautiful and well-crafted with its very appealing underwater scenery and special effects, they really gave efforts to details and, the same with Ex-Machina, the plot has a though-provoking aspect that really makes you question about the reality we live in.

9. Ex-Machina

As I mentioned in my previous post and my review about this film, it is one of my most unforgettable and favorite indie film with a simple yet solid plot, convincing characters, awesome cinematography, elements of mystery and thriller and its though provoking twists. The movie is fast-paced and will become one of the best movies of 2015.

8. Close Encounter of the Third Kind

This is one of the underrated sci-fi movies that caught my attention because of its special effects, the musical scoring is brilliant. The story is told not to go within the Roswell-type of a hype. Well, it is directed by Spielberg and when you say Spielberg, it is a masterpiece and this film really is a masterpiece. It is a roller coaster ride for the audience as the movie is a combination of drama, thriller and fantasy.

7. Aliens

This is an adrenaline-rush movie. I mean James Cameron really did a great job telling the story with a mixture of rich special effects, respectable actors and effectiveness to scare the moviegoers.

6. Marvel Cinematic Universe

I will collectively describe it as one big film since the plot takes place in one universe and all movies are all connected with one objective at the end. From Iron Man till Ant Man, Marvel never ceases to amaze the audience with their approach to making a blockbuster film. The special effects are visually entertaining, punch lines are spot on and did not defer to the story, and the plot is well presented in order to connect their movie to the next movie. Most of the characters are already familiar but Marvel/Disney really know how to make an unknown property a big hit and their formula in making a good film (action, comedy, adventure) never missed. The actors are also perfect for the role including directors.

5. The Matrix

I will focus only on the first movie as it gave us an extraordinary fight and action scenes including those breakthrough acts which brought it lots of parodies. The CGI is explosive, the storyline/plot is impressive, and the actors gave outstanding performances including Keanu Reeves including memorable lines, score and screenplay. This has become an instant classic film!

4. Harry Potter Franchise

I may be biased with LOTR as my best franchise films, I still am mesmerized with the Harry Potter films. This is one of the franchise that doesn’t need any further explanation. The charm of this film lies on the perfect mixture of action, comedy, mystery, suspense, a bit of romance, and drama. We were introduced to the world of witchcraft and wizardry and are fascinated with the spells, characters, fantastic beasts. I thank JK Rowling for giving us this character. I have seen all 8 films and will not hesitate to watch it over and over again… I mean, I already watched all films like for the nth time already and it has been a great adventure since the first film started.

3. Jurassic Park

This movie gave us a lot of shouts, shrieks and screams. I admitted that I did shout when I first watched this and this is one of the films that I won’t hesitate watching over and over again because of its utmost amazement. The strength of this film comes from the practical effects the filmmakers provided plus the story is so convincing that I planned on going to that island, haha! The cast is perfect including supporting characters who are also scene-stealers.

2. Star Wars (Original Trilogy)

George Lucas gave us one of the best movie franchise in history. He introduced us to this universe with its unforgettable characters including Darth Vader, Yoda, Han Solo, Chewy, etc. and gave us one of the best galactic battles ever. The special effects are impressive considering the CGI during the 70’s isn’t that great yet. The plot of the movies are well intertwined, the location, cinematography, costume, make up, props, I mean everything including the cast are spot on and perfect. I just loath the 3 prequel films and tainted the original films’ reputation.

Episode IV:

Episode V:

Episode VI:

1. Lord of the Rings (3 movies)

Need I say more?! These films, including the books, introduced us to the ethereal world of The Middle Earth. These epic movies are such pleasures to watch with its flawless CGI, practical effects, make-up, cinematography c/o New Zealand, and the musical score. The action scenes are well executed and choreographed and lesser known actors became Hollywood’s biggest names overnight and because of its epicness, the third and final movie became one of the movies with perfect wins on the Oscars (11 wins out of 11 nominations including Best Picture).

The Fellowship of the Ring:

The Two Towers:

The Return of the King:

Here are my 10 honorable mentions in particular order:

11. Memento

12. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy

13. E.T.

14. Inception

15. The Hunger Games

16. Avatar

17. Narnia Franchise

18. Fight Club

19. Interstellar

20. Star Trek Rebooted Films


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