Revenant – Official HD Teaser Trailer

leonardo-dicaprio-first-look-the-revenant20th Century Fox just released the teaser trailer for the much awaited Leonardo DiCaprio movie REVENANT and with the looks of it, the movie is awesome and oozing with epicness. It is directed by the Academy Awards winner Alejandro Iñarritu, the guy behind the award-winning movies Birdman, Babel, et al.

The storyline is solid as it centers on true events, the cinematography is strikingly good and the practical effects are impressive & this really helps give the movie a notch higher in terms of realness of the plot and authenticity of the actors’ performances. It is dark, gritty and the cast is just perfect. Basing on the trailer, Tom Hardy has a juicy role in this flick and he is getting better and better every time. By god! can Oscars please give Leo the golden statue that he truly deserves as his performance in this movie really screams BEST ACTOR and is really praiseworthy! And lest we forget about the chilling musical score until the end… goosebumps!!!

Oh how lucky 2016 would be with all these wicked movies! As what I read online, this is the year that I run out of money! Haha!

You can see the trailer below…


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