Minions (Personal Movie Review)

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After much ado, I finally got to see my favorite little Minions on the big screen again. As always, these little yellow creatures are the cutest and as always they make me laugh.

But! Yes a BUT! I was a bit disappointed about the entirety of the movie including the story line. I have high expectations since they were the breakthrough stars of Despicable Me and I wanted to see them shine more in this film but it didn’t. I feel that the movie lack something especially with the story or maybe because the minions and Gru really complimented each other during Despicable Me movies.

Also, it is obvious after watching the flick, I realized the majority of it were already shown during trailers of this movie except for some scenes at the end. Though using Sandra Bullock as the voice of Scarlet Overkill really fits the character, it really didn’t help the movie at all and I even didn’t feel Michael Keaton, Geoffrey Rush and Jason Seagel in this film.

It would’ve help if the filmmaker have like subtitles when the minions talk and not giving the audience a question mark in their head on what they’re talking about. There is also a hit and a miss with the soundtrack though as there were songs that do not fit the scene and it feels more like minions’ stand alone short clips.

I will give this movie a dismal 3 out of 5 stars as there were scenes that slowed down the pacing and somehow gave me a yawn. There is a missing piece of the film and the end credits answered that piece.

Here is the trailer (credits to Universal Studios for the trailer).


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