Dope (2015 Indie Film) – Personal Review

imagesI got to see this movie out of curiosity as I have heard a lot of good reviews regarding this. It is a 2015 indie film that was shown in Sundance Film Festival the same year as well. It is a coming-of-age, high school comedy film with a perfect touch of drama, a bit visually dark as they depict the realistic situation in a trashy neighborhood.

What I really like about indie films is that the originality of the story, the grittiness and the strong plot that really make the audience satisfied may it be comedy, drama or other movie genre and this flick is no exemption.

It is a story of a straight A geek who is an obsessed 90’s hip hop who is struggling to manage and balance his (and his friends’) life. He wanted to fit in the community while also pursuing his goal to get into Harvard. It is complete with situational scenes of a typical teenager and his battle against bullies.

I can give the movie 4 out of 5 for its spot on comedy, the way filmmakers were able to utilise his strength (intelligence) to outwit people around him and for his advantage to really help him succeed. I am also impressed of how Rick Famuyiwa was able to intertwine the scene but still was able to tell the story clearly.

If you are an indie film fan, I can recommend you watch this flick.

Watch the trailer…


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