Pixar’s Inside Out (Personal Comment)

imagesIt has been almost a month now since Inside Out is released, so I will just have my personal and short comment than a long review.

I wasn’t had such high hopes for this movie but given than it is a Pixar movie and their line up of critically acclaimed movies, I gave it a shot, watched it and boy did I LOVE it! Yeah! emphasis on the uppercase of the word LOVE!

Haven’t seen a Pixar movie this emotional since Wall-E and that tearjerker Toy Story 3. The movie is literally an emotional roller coaster considering the story revolves around 5 different emotions inside a young girl’s mind and how they really compliments each other. You got to watch how they effectively depict the emotions and explain to their target market (children and teens) the importance of each emotions. It is not only the emotions which is given highlight in this flick but your bank of imagination, memories and thoughts.

Pixar really knows how to push some nostalgic buttons within you as a moviegoer and play with your emotions as well since they remind you of your childhood memories and the reality that you also forget or dump memories when you are growing up. The movie is really impressive as it also teaches children, teen and adults as well with the importance of emotions, memories and thoughts in your every day lives and how it will affect you all throughout your day and in your life as well as you can use joyful memories to have a positive outlook during your sad or angry times, well it is like having some positive vibes of sort.

I can give the movie Inside Out 5 out of 5 and became one of my favorite Pixar movies. The producers really know how to tell a story and give so much lessons to learn.


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