Feria by Radisson Blu (Cebu City) – Food Review

I got a privilege to try and experience the restaurant and cuisine that everyone is raving about. Feria is one of the restaurants which is found in Radisson Blu Hotel right beside SM City Cebu in North Reclamation Area. Well, as I’ve researched, it lived up to its Roman name meaning “feast day” and it really is. Having seen the food just when I entered the premises already made it appetizing, appealing and mouthwatering.


They have a variety of good and sumptuous food from appetizers, soups, healthy salads, main dishes and down to their desserts. It is a feast to the eyes and stomach as they offer different international cuisine ranging from Filipino, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mediterranean food.


I started with some weird appetizers, which really isn’t an appetizer, of a soup, Carbonara and a sort of pizza. I forgot the name of the soup I had but is one of the tasty soups there other than the miso and seafood corn soup (which by the way are also tasty). Their Carbonara has a perfect blend of sauce with an al dente pasta while their pizza is full of ingredients.


My main course is a variety of good food. Their steamed fish is just perfectly cooked and it doesn’t have an after taste, which most cooked fish has. I tried their meatball sweet and sour which is to die for, the mixture of their sauce is just right and the tenderness of the meatball is perfect. Their roasted pork (forgot the dish name), resembling lechon, is very tasty with just the right amount of saltiness that can really make you want to go back and get more. The Chinese mixed noodles topped with chicken and vegies is also cooked perfectly. Their fried rice is one of the best fried rice I’ve ever tasted.

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As a sweet tooth, I was so excited to finish my main dish so I can visit their dessert station which is my main cause of happiness! They have varieties of desserts from short cupcakes riding in a mini ferris wheel, red velvet cakes, ice cream, tarts, panna cotta, lemon cheesecakes, chocopops, mango eclaires, puddings and dark chocolate mousse. I haven’t tried all of them (don’t want to have diabetes afterwards) but most of the desserts I had are all worth tasting and with each melts in your mouth. My experience is gastronomical!

received_10153959470269746 IMG_20150625_220251

We grabbed the opportunity to eat lunch in Feria today as they have a 50% discount per head (P700) on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (both lunch and dinner), but excluding drinks (coffee and tea are free), service charges and 12% VAT. Also, the waiters and attendants are all very much accommodating, attentive and friendly. I can recommend Feria to those who love to eat, have big appetite and are adventurous to try different cuisine.


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3 Responses to Feria by Radisson Blu (Cebu City) – Food Review

  1. Moritz says:

    What an amazing restaurant! Especially the desserts look lovely. Thanks for the review! 🙂


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