Jurassic World (Personal Review)


After those very hectic weeks, I’ve finally had the opportunity to squeeze in some movie time and watch one of 2015’s highly anticipated movies, Jurassic World and boy! I had fun.

I will start by rating the movie 3.5 out of 5 stars for being a very entertaining movie. It was a pleasure watching it with all the nostalgia feels of the original 1993 film, Jurassic Park, from the main gate, that forested lobby of the old building and Dr. Wu himself (I was still expecting a Tony Goldblum cameo). I can say that this is the true sequel from the first movie. The CGI is flawless as it gives the audience an awesome ride to its entirety of the flick as if there is an actual island witn real dinosaurs. I just love the moviegoers genuine thrill screams and gasps, the interaction is enjoyable (I don’t mind the noisiness it brought). It’s just goes to show the movie’s intention to scare the viewers is spot on. Well, the movie has a complete genre package. It is an adventure-filled and thrill with a doze of comedy and laughter and it also caters to all ages.

The casting is also good and has chemistry with Chris Pratt leading the way (he is now Hollywood’s newest go-to box office candy) together with Bryce Dallas Howard (who is rumored to be Captain Marvel) and with Ty (awesome filmology from Iron Man 3 to Insidious) and Nick as supporting casts. Though I am a bit distracted about Claire’s ability to run around 2/3’s of the movie with heels. I don’t know if it was intentional but it would’ve been better if she removed it to be faster and more agile (hahahah, it’s just me! But I guess she’s training for the Captain Marvel).

I wouldn’t say the movie was really good in terms of plot and character development of the casts, but it is a good popcorn movie just like San Andreas. I am still biased with AoU as still the best summer film and the underrated Ex-Machina as the runner up. The movie could’ve been better if they use more practical effects like the original movie rather than relying mostly with CGI (but I’m still cool with it). There are some scenes that aren’t necessary as it dragged and slowed the pacing of the movie down further. It has corny jokes and mushy moments as well. The plot is still a cliché in terms of scientists and how they always go beyond the very limits of human intelligence by opting to up their notch with their experiments by creating a new breed of dinosaur and like Tomorrowland’s plot, you are given a reality that you can’t have everything you want and for every action, there is an equal (or should I say graver) and opposite reaction, and their plan always brings disaster.

In a lighter note, the saving graces of this movie (from having a not so good plot and storyline) are one, the very badass Indominus Rex which is smartef than 80% of the supporting casts and second, the last action scene and how granny Rexy and how the other blood-thirsty dinos (megalodon and velociraptor) save humanity (or at least those in the island) from being a feeding craze. Also, the movie in itself is a monster film beating the Avengers with having the biggest opening weekend of all time with $208.8M and with a classy move, Marvel’s big ma  Kevin Feige’s congratulatory tweet. (Photo credits to Marvel)


All in all, I can say I liked the movie. It is an enjoyable, popcorn movie expericence and I believe they will still have another sequel in the coming years. I can recommend others to watch this and if permits, I can go back and watch this flick again.


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